Registration Form 2023-2024

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This form is intended for new children and students only.

The registration package includes :

Preschool: 4 years old by December 31 of the current school year

Kindergarten: 5 years old before December 31st of the current school year

In addition to these forms, parents must provide the following documents:

  • Accepted proof of identity: Birth certificate, Canadian passport, Permanent or temporary residence card, Canadian citizenship
  • Legal Documents (guardianship, adoption, other)


Other official documents confirming the name, date of birth, citizenship, permanent residency or immigration status.

A student who is 16 or older or legally considered "independent" (no longer living with her/his parents or guardian) is authorized to complete this form and enroll with CSCE without permission from a parent or guardian.

Brothers and sisters who are or will be enrolled in school.

School Messenger

The secretariat will provide more details on how to create your user account.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS text messaging) (724665 see procedures) (*emergencies, bad weather, special events, various information, attendance, etc.)


A student is eligible for instruction in French if he/she meets at least one of the following criteria:

I wish to avail myself of the right to francophone education for my child.


EXCEPTIONAL ELIGIBILITY (ACCORDING TO BOARD POLICY) A student may be admitted according to the following categories. Checking one of the following constitutes the first step for a request for an exceptional admission in accordance with admission policy of the school board and its administrative procedures.

C) STUDENT EDUCATION INFORMATION (for students from another school only)

D) PARENT / GUARDIAN Documentation if legal guardian







Regular Medicine

H) EMERGENCY CONTACTS (other than the student's parents)


If you wish to declare the student as Aboriginal, please select one:

For further information, please refer to: or contact Alberta Education at 780-427-8501.

If you have questions regarding the collection of student information by the school board, please contact the school board superintendent.

J) Immigrant Support

The CSCE, in partnership with CANAF and FRAP, offers services to families of immigration background in its school community.

Services available to permanent residents only.

To benefit from the services, do you authorize the CSCE to share your contact information with partner organizations that offer support?



L) School Transportation

Bus Transportation : For specific accommodation requests, please obtain the form at the school office.






I understand and agree with the philosophy, policies, school fees and regulations of Conseil scolaire Centre-Est, Alberta. I have also taken note of appendices on Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Use of Personal Information Act (Access to Information and Privacy - FOIP). I hereby declare that the information provided in this form is true, accurate and complete.

Mandatory supplementary form for preschool

Bonnyville, École des Beaux-Lacs

- Preschool : be 4 years of age on or before December 31 of the current year.


For safety and insurance purposes, please complete the following and return it to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.


1. I authorize my child   to participate in activities occuring outside the preschool classroom (gymnasium, school yard, etc) for the current school year.

2. If needed, health care and first aid may be provided or allowed for my child.

3. Immunization up-to-date


The following people are allowed to pick up my child :


Alberta Human Rights Act, Section 11.1)

Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act came into effect September 1, 2010, affirming in law a parent’s ability to have their child excluded, without academic penalty, from instruction, exercises, and the use of instructional materials that deal primarily and explicitly with religion, sexuality, or sexual orientation.

The implementation of this new legislation requires that school boards notify parents when students will be receiving instruction that includes subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion, human sexuality or sexual orientation, allowing the opportunity for a parent to have their child opt out. The parent is to complete and submit the Exemption Form of under section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act to the principal. Unforeseen or indirect references to religion, religious themes, human sexuality or sexual orientation require no notice.

CSCE expects this legislation should not affect high quality of classroom instruction and discussion that are the hallmarks of our education system, nor should it compromise our curriculum or teaching practices. For more information, please visit this page on the website of the Ministry of Education

Teachers will send a notice and exemption form to parents for courses that contain material dealing primarily and explicitly with human sexuality or sexual orientation.


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)

Since September 1, 1998, all of Alberta’s school boards are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). This Act determines the standards and controls on how public administrations, which include school boards, can collect, use and divulge information of a personal nature.

FOIP law requires that the collection of personal information be done directly from the data subjects, that these people have the legal authorization to provide this information, that they are explained the purpose of the information collection and how The information will be used and, ultimately, provided with the name of a school board contact in the event that they have questions about the processing of personal information.

The information that is in CSCE’s registration package constitutes personal information as defined by FOIP and has been requested in accordance with the provisions of the School Act and its regulations and in accordance with Article 33c) of FOIP (e.g.: to compile the student’s file or to determine eligibility.) This information will help school boards provide an education program that meets the learning needs of their students and maintain a safe and secure school environment (e.g.: emergency contacts.) Personal information may also be provided to Alberta Education, the use of which will help develop programs, activities or policies (e.g.: research, statistics.)

Your authorization to use personal information and the right to use the student’s photo and artistic creations, among others, will be on a form provided by the school.


Bonnyville, École des Beaux-Lacs

Information on school fees

For all students from preschool to grade 12

Description of the fees

These fees cover certain expenses such as library resources, copyright and viewing, electronic equipment for students, cultural activities at school, as well as stationery, photocopying and perishable materials for all courses. In high school, some courses may require additional fees and / or deposits.

These fees cover a portion of the cost of materials and related equipment (perishable notebooks) for all courses.

If there are excursions during the school year, the costs will be claimed through School Cash.

The fees for next September have not yet been established. You can check the school's website to see this year's fees for reference.

The fees for next September have not yet been established. You can check the school's website to see this year's fees for reference.

The fees for next September have not yet been established. You can check the school's website to see this year's fees for reference.

The fees for next September have not yet been established. You can check the school's website to see this year's fees for reference.

The fees for next September have not yet been established. You can check the school's website to see this year's fees for reference.

School Cash – Online Payment

All costs, except excursions costs, are to be paid by September 30. An account is delinquent if no payment has been received or arrangements made before the payment is due.

In case of overdue accounts, the school will send a notice to parents to make them aware of the situation and remind them that the payment or other arrangements must be made within 15 days. Any parent who has not responded within the 15 days, will receive a second notice. This review will inform the parents that they have 15 days to respond. In failing to do so, their account will be sent to a collection agency.

If you think you qualify for a waiver of fees, please contact the school board at 780 645-3888 for more details.

I declare having read the present document.