Pedagogy and programs

Striving for excellence

Students receive an education in French that contributes to their well-being, their heritage and their universal citizenship. Our academic program is compliant with the programs of Alberta Education and is complemented by several topics, such as religion, arts, integration of technology and daily physical activities.

Students learn English starting at Grade 3. Parents are happy to see that our students’ results in English are easily compared to the performance of students enrolled in English-language schools in Alberta.


In each of its schools, CSCE also offers a francization program aiming to facilitate the integration of students. Thanks to this program, students will be able to acquire knowledge, oral skills, as well as a positive attitude when it comes to the French language, while developing a sense of belonging to the Francophone community. Enrolling your child in a Francophone school means that your child will speak fluently both official languages all his or her life. Your child will reach the highest level of bilingualism possible, which will enable him or her to have a promising career and invaluable opportunities.


The Preschool program was fully integrated to the rest of our school programs in 2008. CSCE offers a quality Preschool program that aims to accompany each child and help them know who they are, so that they are able to answer their own needs and have a better interaction with others using play, culture and the French language.

École enfantine – École du Sommet

Coin des Lutins – École des Beaux-Lacs

Les Kinou-Choux – École Voyageur

Coin des Curieux – École Beauséjour

Les Quatre Saisons – École Sainte-Catherine

Réseau provincial d’adaptation scolaire (Francophone provincial network for special needs students) can provide schools with a multitude of services so as to support students who have special needs, as well as the schools’ teams.

CSCE is proud to offer well balanced programs in all its school communities. All the students enrolled in our schools can be sure that they will have access to a great variety of additional classes, such as fine arts, outdoors education programs and several courses in Career and Technology Studies.  Other examples of courses available to your child include: music, robotics, construction technology, drama and multimedia.

We make sure that the school environment is not only a place to learn for your child, but also a place to develop his or her sense of accountability, independence, leadership and self confidence.


Our counsellor for the students’ well-being, Mrs Corinne Michaud, can provide all our students with counselling services that can help them overcome several psychological, emotional, relationships, social or personal issues. Our counsellor can also develop one-on-one plans for students who need this type of support.

CSCE’s schools are equipped with wireless mobile solutions, accessible by all. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 have access to iMac studios and to Macbook Pro carts. From Grade 7 to 12, all our students have access to a Macbook Pro laptop until they graduate. Most of the CSCE’s classrooms are equipped with Smart boards.



Educational technology

o   Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard  (IWB) that allows teachers to organize dynamic, playful and interactive activities with their students, as well as showing several appropriate media and resources;

o  For Grade 1 to 6 students, Mac computers are available at a ratio slightly over 1:1. On top of this accessibility, an iMac laboratory is available to our students.

o   All of the students from Grade 7 to 12 have access to a Mac computer (several creative projects are done with iLife product – iMovie, Garageband, Photobooth, etc.). Students also have access to a green screen to film videos and choose a background later.

o   Students can bring their computer home with them and have access to a purchase program to buy their computer.

o   Students also have access to numerous web 2.0 tools that are used in class so that learning remains diversified and interesting.

We cherish the idea that all our students have the opportunity to realize their dreams and we will always encourage their higher aspirations. We are very happy to have a guidance counsellor who is part of our team and here to support the students’ determination and commitment, while available to answer any question about the following topics:


  • Identifying the student’s interests, abilities, personality characteristics and values so as to advise his or her parents on the ways to support their child in defining and completing his or her education and guidance project;
  • Exploring programs so as to prepare scholarships, reports cards and admission applications for post-secondary establishments;
  • Careers, employment market, language stays and internship programs;
  • Enrollment and steps to reach their academic or professional goals;
  • Strategies to keep students motivated and help them to be more successful at school.



  • Individual or group interviews
  • Information sessions (whole class)
  • Psychometric assessment (aptitude and interest testing, personality tests)
  • Self-awareness
  • Information about training programs, careers and employment market
  • Course credits update

Miscellaneous activities

  • Information sessions with several stakeholders
  • “Open doors ” in post-secondary institutions
  • Career Cruising software
  • WEB browsing
  • Creating a resume in French and in English

Students can ask questions to our counsellor, and request an appointment with him at any time.

You can send an email to and/or ask the school principal to organize a meeting next time he will be visiting your child’s school!

This program, called « Je nourris ma réussite! » (I eat therefore I succeed), will be implemented for our School Board thanks to funding from the Ministry ($141,000). The goal of the program is to provide one free meal per day to all the students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. École Voyageur was chosen as the pilot location for 2017-2018, in partnership with Joly’s Fine Cuisine