School transportation

The school board is happy to provide free transportation to all its students.

If school transportation needs to be cancelled due to poor road conditions, parents will be notified via different media and the information will be posted on all our websites (Schools and School Board).

Moreover, if the school board decides to cancel transportation, the bus driver will take all the necessary means to contact the parents on his or her route.

  • Via text, email and phone (School Messenger)

If you wish to enroll in the communications automated system, please communicate with the school administration and they will tell you more about the procedure to follow.

For all our schools, please go the ‘’Bus Status’’ section on the CSCE’s website. Every school also has a site with a section on transportation.

The decision to cancel the school transportation service for the day will be taken between 6:00 AM and 7:15AM.

The school board is mainly responsible for the education of its students according to the planning calendar. Therefore, CSCE’s schools will remain open even in the event of inclement weather. During exam time, it is important to check with your child’s school, as exams will be maintained or postponed at the school’s discretion.

You must contact the school’s administration to complete the necessary form.

Please talk to the school’s principal or to the school’s administration. They will forward your request to the transportation company and/or to the school board, depending on the nature of your request.

The driver who is responsible for the transportation of your child will let you know.

Children are eligible to school transportation only if they are enrolled in the school in their designated area. However, as parents, you do have the right to enroll your child in the school of your choice, but if it is the case, you will be responsible for your child’s transportation.

You must communicate with the school’s principal in the first place. If the situation persists and if you want your concerns to be heard, you can send a message to the CSCE’s Manager of Operations, who is responsible for school transportation.

  • Making sure that the bus that he or she is responsible for can operate safely and that it is clean enough for the comfort and well-being of it passengers;
  • Following the routes that have been approved by the school board;
  • Focusing on the safety and well-being of the students;
  • Maintaining order and making sure that instructions are respected. Generally, the bus drivers holds the same level of responsibility and authority towards the students as a teacher in a classroom;
  • Is responsible for the safety of all the passengers and can therefore exercise his or her authority over a student who behaves in a way that compromises the comfort and/or the safety of the other passengers;
  • Showing respect and dignity towards his or her passengers, in actions and words;
  • Advising the carrier or the transportation service of any major issue according to the agreed procedures;
  • Fully respecting traffic regulations – any offence against traffic regulations, bylaws or code of good conduct that endangers the students’ safety will result in the immediate dismissal of the driver.
  • I must know all the rules and procedures related to the transportation service.
  • I must advise my child on how to behave and what safety measures to follow.
  • I am responsible for getting my child on the bus and I am responsible for my child as soon as he or she leaves the bus when returning from school.
  • I am responsible for any breakage or damage to private or public property caused by my child.
  • I must make sure that my child is at the bus stop at least four minutes before the pickup time.
  • I must urge my child to use extra caution, as some reckless drivers might not stop when the school bus flashers are on.
  • I must forward any complaint related to school transportation to the school’s principal or to the transportation services.
  • I must participate in finding a solution in case of dispute.
  • I must drive my child to school if he or she has lost his or her privilege to take the bus.
  • If I need to change the bus stops for my child to stops other than the ones on the regular route, I must get an authorization from the transportation service at least a day or more in advance and obtain a signed note to that effect.
  • Must respect the driver’s authority;
  • Must sit in the seat that was assigned to him or her;
  • Must remain seated;
  • Must be a good citizen and be accountable for his or her actions;
  • Must respect rules and instructions;
  • Must keep his or her head and hands inside of the bus;
  • Must not bother others unnecessarily;
  • Must not throw anything;
  • Must not throw anything inside or outside of the bus;
  • Must pick up papers or garbage;
  • Must remain absolutely silent at train crossings;
  • Must follow the instructions from the driver in case of emergency; and
  • Must not smoke, drink or use drugs.

Administrative directive 560 – School transportation